• Engineering

    Hourly and contractual services, perfect for any job.

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  • 3D Scanning

    Replicate and modify existing parts.

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  • Nylon 12

    A flexible, durable material for demanding applications.

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  • PolyJet

    Functional, fully-assembled parts right out of the printer

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  • FDM

    Durable parts made from standard thermoplastics.

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  • ColorJet

    Full-color 3D printed prototypes.

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  • Custom Finishing

    Make your prototype look like the finished product.

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3 Space offers a variety of engineering services on both hourly and contractual bases. These services include 3D modeling, product development, industrial engineering and reverse engineering.

3D Scanning

We offer high-quality 3D scanning services for objects of nearly any size. Our high resolution equipment can scan both small and large objects while capturing small features such as threads and grooves.

3D Printing

3 Space is a full-service 3D printing firm, offering a broad range of materials using the most advanced technology available. Applications include concept models, design evaluation and end-use parts.


We offer aluminum molds for high-volume production and 3D printed molds for low-volume runs. We can also facilitate machining and assembly for projects that require them.

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3 Space is an engineering and 3D printing firm offering an integrated solution for all of your design, prototyping and production needs. Our services include both forward and reverse engineering, 3D scanning, 3D printing and manufacturing.

We are committed to maintaining short turnaround times and competitive pricing. Because our facilities are less than 15 miles from the global air hub for UPS, your order ships the day it’s completed. We have included a map showing estimated shipping times. We offer free standard shipping, but if you need your order even faster we also offer 2 day and overnight shipping.