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3 Space is an engineering and 3D printing firm offering an integrated solution for all of your design, prototyping and production needs. Our services include both forward and reverse engineering, 3D scanning, 3D printing and manufacturing.

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Product Design

3 Space offers a variety of engineering services on both hourly and contractual bases. These services include 3D modeling, product development, industrial engineering and reverse engineering.

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3D Printing

3 Space is a full-service 3D printing firm, offering a broad range of materials using the most advanced technology available. Applications include concept models, design evaluation and end-use parts.

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We offer aluminum molds for high-volume production and 3D printed molds for low-volume runs. We can also facilitate machining and assembly for projects that require them.

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Fast lead times and free standard shipping ensure that your parts arrive on time.



Our comprehensive list of services provide a cost-effective solution for your product development needs.



Our professional engineering and customer service staff will work with you to meet your project goals.

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3Space.us features a comprehensive online ordering system for 3D printed parts. After creating an account, upload a 3D model of your parts, select a material and instantly receive a free, no-obligation quote. If you’re not ready to order, quotes can be saved and edited later. You can track the progress of placed orders from pre-production to shipping.

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