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3D Printing And 3D Scanning For The Automotive Industry

Quality automotive manufacturing brings many requirements to meet the standards of the industry: parts must possess the strength to stand up to any combination of impact, motion, friction and vibration. Automotive components — especially aftermarket replacements or add-ons — must also be built to extremely close tolerances to ensure a perfect fit and continued proper operation. Accuracy in automotive manufacturing is not only a matter of quality and performance, but also of safety. Its importance cannot be overstated.

Manufacturing your aftermarket parts using automotive 3D scanning and automotive 3D printing can help ensure that you get the accuracy you need — for every part, every time. Our 3D scanning and 3D printing services offer a fast and cost-effective way to facilitate several areas of the automotive part and product development process, including prototyping, tooling fabrication, quality inspection and scan-to-CAD analysis.

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3D Printing and 3D Scanning Automotive Applications

3D printing and 3D scanning have a number of uses for automotive manufacturers. At 3 Space, our in-house capabilities ensure smoother and productive communication and compatibility at all stages — helping you create and innovate automotive products quickly and efficiently.

3D printed prototype creation: Our automotive 3D printing services are ideal for prototypes of new part designs, with several technologies available to replicate the look, feel and functionality of the finished product. Our 3D printed prototype services help you iterate to create the perfect part, with less time and cost than other processes.

3D printed jigs and fixtures: Machined or injection-molded manufacturing aids can become time-consuming and costly, especially when producing custom and specialty parts. 3D printed jigs and fixtures provide a cost-effective solution that can be quickly and easily created and modified as necessary. Parts can be ordered on an as-needed basis and designs can be readily modified without cutting a new tool.

3D scanning for quality inspection: The quality inspection process is a critical part of industrial manufacturing, and the automotive industry is no exception. 3D scanning allows you to quickly and easily inspect all aspects and dimensions of a part, ensuring that no irregularities are present. With standard measurement processes like CMM, the process is more time-consuming, the data points are limited and it may be difficult or impossible to physically access certain contours of a part. Whether for first-article inspection or as part of an ongoing QA process, 3D scanning for quality inspection eliminates these issues with a fast, non-contact process.

3D scan-to-CAD analysis: 3D scanning for the automotive industry provides a highly effective way of comparing production parts to original CAD designs. Engineers can 3D scan a production part and overlay the scan data on the original CAD.A color map can be generated to illustrate variations between the two, making it easy to identify and correct any production errors or inconsistencies.

For more information on how our engineers and 3D printing capabilities can assist you with your automotive manufacturing needs, contact 3 Space today.

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