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Robotics 3D Printing And Scanning Services

Nearly every industry today incorporates automation and robotics into their production processes. The speed and efficiency gains that robotic automation provide mean faster manufacturing, improved quality control and a major impact on the bottom line. As robotics become better able to assist in human tasks with the potential for injury or strain due to repetitive motion, they are also making a difference in safety for a facility’s workers.

For these reasons, it is of critical importance that robotics and automation components are regularly inspected and repaired or replaced to ensure that they continue to function as they should.

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3D Robotic Scanning and Printing: What You Need to Know

3D Robotic Scanning: Aid to Robot and Component Repair

3D robotic scanning is the most accurate way to inspect robotic parts and components for signs of wear, improper functioning and other irregularities that can create a dangerous situation in a manufacturing facility. 3D scanning inspects every contour of a piece, including intricate components that may be difficult or impossible to reach with physical measurement or inspection tools.

With 3D robotic scanning, a detailed, exact point map is created. This can be overlaid with the original part CAD. Comparing the production part to the original design in this manner provides a level of insight that can’t be replicated through traditional technology. What’s more, with this level of detail, even the smallest sign of wear can be noted and monitored or remedied, well in advance of any danger to employees.

3D robotic scanning can also aid in designing accessories for your robots and components. After 3D scanning an existing assembly, the 3D scan can be reverse engineered to produce a CAD model. This model can be used as a guide to create accessories, add-ons or replacement parts with a perfect fit. In most cases, 3D printing will be a suitable method for creating the accessory or replacement part, and 3 Space is able to fulfill all steps of this process. In an area like robotics, where precision and close tolerance are critical to proper operation, 3D scanning is the most accurate way to ensure a tight fit for any part.

Robotics 3D Printing: Aid to Innovation

Innovation is an ongoing process in robotics, with equipment becoming increasingly effective and complex. As an aid to innovation in robotics, 3D printing is an extremely valuable resource for creating prototype parts and components. The speed with which robotics manufacturers can test and iterate on designs means that a broader range of concepts can be tested and perfected more quickly, spurring innovation in the industry. The much lower cost of production for 3D printed parts — with no tooling cost, minimal setup and low material costs — makes 3D printing an even more attractive option for prototyping.



Much as 3D printing can be a suitable production process for replacement parts and accessories, 3D printed robot parts can also become more commonly used as 3D printed materials become more sophisticated and better able to replicate the qualities of production metals, plastics and other materials. This creates even greater potential for robotics to become more effective and useful in automation functions across industries.

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