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3 Space is pleased to offer our 3D printing and 3D scanning to businesses in some of the most active and growing industry centers in the country, including:


Working with companies in these areas, we have developed deep expertise in the automotive, robotics and medical device industries on which they focus. The extensive history of these cities in those fields combines with the spirit of innovation that drives industries today to create the ideal setting for fast and efficient product development, prototyping and manufacturing.

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Our Key Locations

For established businesses, our product development services are on hand to help them take their place among the companies making their mark in the automotive, robotics and medical device fields today. Along with the cities mentioned above, 3 Space has worked extensively with businesses in locations including:

Establishing relationships in these areas helps us to get a good sense of the types of projects being done; the best ways to make use of our services and solutions; and the most efficient and effective ways to provide our services beyond product development, such as shipping and fulfillment.

Our Services

3 Space services cover the full range of steps in the product development process including:

  • 3D scanning for accurate replacement parts and aftermarket products

  • Reverse engineering from 3D scans, to create solid models

  • 3D printing for fast and cost-efficient prototype iterating

These benefits apply across multiple industries. In the automotive industry, for example, you might need to create a manufacturing aid to assist with production. With 3D scanning, you and our design engineers can create a digital representation of a necessary part, and we then can reverse engineer the scan and utilize 3D printing to create prototypes of the end-use parts. We are driven to deliver similar innovative solutions for the medical device industry, where our services can accelerate your product development process. Bringing new medical devices to market quickly is more realistic than ever with the range of 3D printing methods and materials available. In robotics, the demand for new automated devices is an ideal fit for 3D scanning and 3D printing. As an example, 3D scanning can be used to find the cause of wear of robotic parts, and prototype components can be rapidly produced via 3D printing.

Our 3D printing services include PolyJet, stereolithography, SLS and FDM. With the wide range of materials available through these 3D printing methods, we are able to help you recreate the properties and functionality of nearly any type of material in your prototypes — providing an accurate, workable and testable representation of your product. Effective prototyping at this stage helps you to quickly and cost-effectively refine and perfect the design and production of your finished product, which can make a big difference in your product’s quality, success and ultimate bottom line.

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