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3D Scanning And 3D Printing Services In The Detroit Area

3 Space provides 3D scanning and 3D printing services in Detroit, serving the industries that make up the economic backbone of the region and working to assist manufacturers with unparalleled quality, innovation and speed.

Detroit manufacturing continues to revolve around the auto industry, with medical device manufacturers and robotics firms also making a big impact in the city and its surrounding areas. 3 Space’s 3D scanning services in Detroit allow companies in these industries to supplement their production and quality control processes with the accuracy and versatility that 3D scanning provides.

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3D Scanning Services in Detroit

Our 3D scanning services give manufacturers a fast and cost-effective way to reverse engineer existing components, parts and assemblies. 3D scanning can also help you perform quality control by comparing scans of production parts to the original CAD. Thus, facilitating improved quality control and providing 100 percent accurate CAD drawings that can be used to create new parts or accessories; or to evaluate production issues, wear and tear, or part damage.

3D scanning works by creating a digital point map of an object, which, with 3 Space’s 3D scanning equipment, is a nondestructive, no-touch process. Our 3D scanner is capable of a highly accurate scan resolution of 0.1 millimeters and a point accuracy of 0.05 millimeters, and can capture objects in full color with 24-bit textures. 3D scanning is suitable for objects as small as a coin or larger than a car, and we are available to conduct 3D scanning on site at your Detroit-area facility for parts that can’t be transported to 3 Space.

The digital point map created from a 3D scan is used to create a full, 3D CAD model that can then be compared to the original design for QA or maintenance purposes; or can provide the dimensions needed to create perfectly fitting accessories, add-on parts or other components. This perfect fit is critical for components and accessories in the automotive, medical device and robotics industry, to ensure safety and proper operation.

3D Printing Services in Detroit 

In addition to our 3D scanning services for the Detroit area, 3 Space offers 3D printing services. By taking advantage of 3D printing, Detroit businesses can enjoy the benefits of speed and cost-efficiency in prototyping, tool/fixture production and short-to-medium run production.

Like our 3D scanning services, our 3D printing services are tailored to automotive, robotics and medical device manufacturers. We are able to work with reverse-engineered CAD drawings created from a 3D scan in order to create a prototype or test piece for you. Or, we can work with your original drawing or design to assist in your production process from the early stages.

The utility of 3D printing for prototyping and production is not limited to 3D printing the parts themselves. 3D printed jigs and fixtures can be created and used in low quantities to accelerate your production processes.

3D printed parts can often be created and delivered in a matter of a few days, as opposed to several weeks for more traditional manufacturing.

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