ColorJet 3D printing technology produces models in full CMYK color while maintaining precision and detail. While these models can only be produced from a single material, the advantage is that your prototype can look like the finished product without post processing. Any image, such as logos, labels and decals can be perfectly replicated on ColorJet parts.

Colorjet 3D Printed Parts Collection

ColorJet Features

colorjet 3d printed animals

Full Color Models

ColorJet is the only 3D printing technology able to produce parts with full CMYK color.

colorjet 3d printed smooth model

Smooth Surface Finish

With a 0.004″ layer height, ColorJet models are smooth and the layers are barely visible.

Colorjet 3D Printed Detailed Model

Detailed Parts

Because of its high resolution and thin layers, ColorJet is able to reproduce parts with detailed features.

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ColorJet Applications

colorjet 3d printed robot controller

Cosmetic Prototypes

Colorjet 3D Printed Architectural Model

Architectural Models

colorjet 3d printed fea visualzation