We offer a variety of custom finishing options to make your 3D printed parts look and feel like finished products. These services are great for design evaluation and pre-production marketing materials. We guarantee a professional quality finish with fast turnaround times.

To have a part finished, just select a finishing option after uploading your part to our online ordering system. Provide additional details in the notes accompanying your order and attach any relevant files such as logos and labels.

custom finished 3d printed parts
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unfinished 3d printed parts


PolyJet | SLA | SLS | FDM | ColorJet

All support material is carefully removed from the part. After inspecting for quality and accuracy, the part is shipped.

painted 3d printed parts

Standard Paint

PolyJet | SLA | SLS |FDM

After support removal, your part is given a solid coat of paint. Be sure to specify a color value in your order’s notes.

softtouch 3d printed parts

Soft Touch

PolyJet | SLA | SLS | FDM

Soft Touch paint gives rigid parts a thin, rubberlike coating, similar to that seen on many handheld electronic devices.

decals 3d printed parts


PolyJet | SLA | SLS

3 Space can make your parts look like the finished product with decals such as logos, packaging, or labels.

dyed 3d printed part


PolyJet | SLA

Both opaque and transparent PolyJet and SLA materials can be dyed a variety of colors.

polished transparent 3d printed part


PolyJet | SLA

Transparent materials can be polished to an optical-grade finish. Great for simulating glass parts.