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Like PolyJet and SLA, MultiJet parts are produced from liquid resins which are cured by UV light. MultiJet technology lays down each layer of material as an array of droplets, similar to a dot matrix printer. At 900 dots per inch and 16 micron layer height, MultiJet is able to provide a smooth surface finish with exceptional accuracy and detail. MultiJet is the one of best 3D printing technologies available for creating small parts with detailed features.

sla 3d printed parts collection

MultiJet Features

sla 3d printed electronics case

Dissolvable Support

Because MultiJet support material removal is mostly hands-free, it is capable of producing more delicate parts that might break with other technologies.

sla 3d printed detailed connectors

High Detail

16 micron layer height and 900 DPI resolution make MultiJet the best 3D printing technology available for small, detailed parts.

sla 3d printed controller smooth

Smooth Surface Finish

MultiJet is capable of producing parts with a smooth surface finish, making it great for  both cosmetic models and fit testing.

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MultiJet Applications

sla 3d printed controller

Small, Detailed Parts

sla 3d printed electronics mount

Fit Testing

sla 3d printed detailed connector

Cosmetic Prototypes

VisiJet Crystal

Durable transparent material for more demanding applications.

VisiJet MX

General-purpose material with a variety of applications.

VisiJet M3 X

Strong, rigid material similar in performance to ABS.

VisiJet M3 Black

Durable material intended to simulate polypropylene.