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PolyJet is at the cutting edge of additive manufacturing technology, producing parts from liquid resins that are solidified by UV light. PolyJet uses washable support, which does not require manual removal. This allows for complex internal and external geometries.

A smooth surface finish and a variety of both rigid and rubber-like materials make PolyJet ideal for cosmetic prototypes. Because PolyJet uses thermosets rather than thermoplastics, the more durable PolyJet materials can be used for 3D printed tooling.

polyjet 3d printed parts collection

PolyJet Features

polyjet 3d printed assembly smooth

Smooth Surface Finish

PolyJet parts have a very smooth surface finish, comparable to injection molded parts.

polyjet 3d printed rook detailed

High Detail

With layer heights as low as 0.0006″ and 600 dpi resolution, PolyJet is ideal for small, detailed parts.

polyjet 3d printed mechanical assembly


Because of its high resolution, PolyJet is able to produce fully-assembled, multi-part prototypes in a single print.

polyjet 3d printed rubber parts

Rubber-Like Materials

PolyJet is one of the only additive manufacturing technologies to offer rubber-like materials.

polyjet 3d printed handle multiple materials

Multiple Material Parts

PolyJet can print a single part from both rigid and flexible materials. This allows for features such as simulated overmolding and gaskets.

polyjet 3d printed shore tags

Mixed Materials

Base materials can be mixed in varying percentages to produce secondary materials with varying mechanical properties.

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PolyJet Applications

polyjet 3d printed engine assembly

Cosmetic Prototypes

polyjet 3d printed electronics case fit test

Fit Testing

polyjet 3d printed bearing smooth

Mechanical Assemblies


Heat resistant material intended to simulate thermal performance of engineering plastics.


Transparent material suitable for concept modeling of plastic and glass parts.


Polypropylene-like material suitable for a broad range of applications.


Durable white material designed to simulate polypropylene.

Vero Family

Rigid materials suited to fitting and modeling. Available in white, gray, black and clear.

PolyJet ABS

Highly durable material designed to simulate standard ABS. Ideal for molds.

Tango Family

Black/amber rubber-like material. Digital materials allow for varying Shore values.