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Stereolithography produces parts from liquid resins that are cured and solidified by UV light. SLA offers a variety of materials that are designed simulate standard engineering plastics. Because of its short layer heights and high tolerances,  SLA can produce parts with complex internal and external geometries. SLA is also great for small, highly detailed models. Parts have a smooth surface finish, making stereolithography ideal for cosmetic prototypes.

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Stereolithography Features

sla 3d printed controller smooth

Smooth Surface Finish

SLA parts have a smooth surface finish, comparable to injection molded parts, making SLA ideal for fit testing and aesthetic evaluation.

sla 3d printed detailed connectors

High Detail

Small layer heights, high resolution and high geometric  stability make stereolithography ideal for small, detailed parts.

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Material Selection

Stereolithography offers a broad selection of materials designed to emulate standard production materials such as ABS, polycarbonate and polypropylene.

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Stereolithography Applications

sla 3d printed controller

Cosmetic Prototypes

sla 3d printed electronics mount

Fit Testing

sla 3d printed detailed connector

Detailed Parts

Stereolithography Materials

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Accura 25

Durable, flexible material with properties comparable to polypropylene.

Accura 55

Durable material designed to imitate the look and feel of ABS.

Accura ClearVue

General purpose, transparent material ideal for simulating glass components.

Accura XtremeWhite

Exceptionally durable material, great for demanding applications.

VisiJet Crystal

Transparent material with excellent dimensional stability. Approved for medical applications.

VisiJet M3-X

Material designed to simulate ABS plastics with high dimensional stability.

VisiJet Flex

Extremely flexible material intended to simulate the properties of polypropylene.