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Selective laser sintering, or SLS, produces parts by using a laser to melt and fuse powdered polymers. SLS materials are durable, flexible and heat resistant, making SLS great for functional prototypes. Demanding applications such as snap fits and living hinges are easily achievable with SLS materials. Because SLS produces parts with a smooth surface finish, using no support structures, it is ideal for cosmetic prototypes with complex geometry.

sls 3d printed parts collection

SLS Features

sls 3d printed case

Standard Polymers

SLS uses standard production materials which allows your prototype to have the same properties as your manufactured parts.

sls 3d printed snap buckle

Highly Flexible

Flexible materials allow SLS to be used for demanding applications, such as snap fits and living hinges.

sls 3d printed oil cap

Heat Resistant

Selective laser sintering materials have high heat deflection temperatures, averaging 350°F @66 psi.

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SLS Applications

sls 3d printed hose fitting

Function Testing

sls 3d printed electronics case

Fit Testing

sls 3d printed fan adapter

End-Use Parts

Nylon 12 PA

Durable general-purpose material with good chemical resistance.

Nylon 12 GF

Glass-filled nylon 12. Stronger than standard nylon.

Nylon 12 AF

Aluminum-filled nylon 12 with improved flexural strength and surface finish.