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3 Space offers engineering services for a variety of applications and industries. We can help you design new parts, reverse engineer old parts, analyze production parts for QC and more.

Our team of experienced professionals leverage state-of-the-art equipment and software to help you meet your goals and deadlines.

But engineering is just the beginning. With our in-house 3D printing and manufacturing services, we can take your project all the way from concept to production.

What do our engineering services offer, and how can they help you? Read on to find out.

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Design Engineering

Whether you have a great product that you’re looking to bring to market, need help designing custom manufacturing aids, or want an unbiased evaluation of your design, 3 Space design engineering services are here to help. We are ready to join you at any step of your development process to optimize and fast-track your project.

Our engineers will work with you to identify your project’s requirements, such as material specifications and critical features, and produce a design that will meet all of your needs. We have extensive experience designing product, tooling and fixtures across a variety of industries including the robotics, automotive and medical device industries.

Our experience with manufacturing processes also allows us to apply our engineering skills to areas like tooling design, custom fixture design and more. We are able to optimize your design for manufacturability, identifying any potential pitfalls or problems before you move forward to prototyping or production. Additionally, we can perform standard computational analysis to optimize your design and eliminate production errors.

Where many design engineering service companies limit their specialty to the design phase, our engineering team works closely with our in-house prototyping and production teams, providing you with the benefit of a single vendor to manage your entire project.

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3D Scanning

3D scanning is one of the most innovative engineering services available in the market today. With 3D scanning, you can quickly and cost-effectively create a digital model of a physical object. 3D scan data of production parts can be compared against the original CAD design to identify the cause of defects. 3D scanning can also be converted to CAD, allowing you to recreate discontinued parts. 3 Space 3D scanning services are completely non-contact and non-destructive, meaning that any part, no matter how fragile or aged, can be 3D scanned as a first step toward reproducing it.

Our high-resolution 3D scanning services can capture even the finest details of a part, and we are equipped to scan objects in a wide range of sizes — from a coin to a car. We offer a number of 3D scanning technologies, including full-color and high-resolution inspection scanning.

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Reverse Engineering

For most applications, 3D scans must be reversed engineered. 3D scanning produces a mesh or point cloud, which must then be converted into a solid CAD model using specialized software. Reverse engineering is a necessary step if you intend to prototype or manufacture the parts you have scanned. With reverse engineering, you can also easily modify the original design of your parts.

Reverse engineering allows you to recreate discontinued or hard-to-find parts. This can be invaluable when servicing older equipment that would be costly to replace. Additionally, you can reverse engineer an OEM part in order to use the model as the basis for deigning your own aftermarket parts.

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Why 3 Space?

At 3 Space, our end-to-end in-house services along with our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise mean that you get top-quality results at every stage of your product’s development. We are eager to work with you to solve your project’s challenges and help make your product the best it can be.