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Converting 3D Scans to CAD Models

Our high-resolution 3D scanning services allow us to quickly capture and digitize the geometry of your physical parts. With our reverse engineering services, we can then convert your 3D scanning data into a standard CAD model such as an IGES or STEP file. These files can be used to manufacture your parts or modify the original design.


Why Reverse Engineer?

Reverse engineering is the process of converting a 3D scan to a solid with the help of specialized software packages. 3D scanning produces a point map of an object’s surface that makes no distinction between features such as faces or holes. 3D scan data needs to be converted into a solid model, such as an IGES or STEP file, for the majority of applications.

Reverse engineering occurs once 3D scanning is complete. Our design engineers overlay primitives onto the digital point map (or “mesh”) produced by 3D scanning, ultimately creating a useable CAD model from the scan. We make any necessary modifications to the design, or, for aftermarket add-ons, work from the exact dimensions of the original to create a product with unparalleled tolerance and fit.

What Is Reverse Engineering Used For?

Reverse engineering from a 3D scan is the fastest and most accurate way to duplicate existing parts, create replacement parts, or design an aftermarket add-on. Whether original CAD files have been lost or replacement parts have been discontinued, reverse engineering helps you work around obsolete or unavailable parts and data. Reverse engineering lets you convert a 3D scan to CAD to create accurate, effective parts for industries such as automotive, medical and robotics.

Reverse Engineering Applications

What Are the Benefits of Reverse Engineering?

Speed and cost-efficiency are the top benefits of reverse engineering. Our 3D scanning equipment is able to quickly capture every dimension and contour of the existing part, which allows are engineers to produce an accurate CAD model in no time. When tight tolerances and exact fit are necessary, as is the case with replacement parts and aftermarket products, 3D scanning and reverse engineering are the most reliable ways to ensure that your products perform as needed.

How Does the Process Work at 3 Space?

At 3 Space, we provide a wide range of product development services under one roof. By keeping our 3D scanning and reverse engineering services in-house, we ensure consistency, accuracy and quality at every step of the way. Once these processes are completed, we feature prototyping and low- or high-volume production capabilities to take your product through to the production phase.

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Why Choose 3 Space?

With expertise across every stage of the product development process — including concept, design, reverse engineering, scanning, prototyping and production — 3 Space personnel are on hand and ready to help solve any design and manufacturing challenges you may encounter. Where other reverse engineering companies may only offer limited knowledge in one area of product development, we believe that keeping development and production in-house, under one roof, is the best way to deliver high-quality and cost-effective results to our customers. Questions? Contact 3 Space today.