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Product Development Solutions

At 3 Space, our comprehensive suite of services and capabilities give us the tools to help you solve any challenge in developing your product — whether you’re in the early stages of concept design or are seeking creative ways to facilitate production. Our expertise and services fit together in a multitude of ways to provide effective, creative and efficient answers to the questions that arise at every step of the development process. The solutions below illustrate some of the ways we typically assist our customers in bringing their product from concept to market.

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New Product Development

Bring your concept or idea to 3 Space, and we can offer a full complement of product development services to make it a reality. Helping to solve any and all challenges that you may encounter as you develop a new product is one of our specialties. With end-to-end development capabilities under one roof, we deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Our design engineers are on hand to begin the process of turning your concept or sketch into a viable design, using their extensive knowledge of design and manufacturing best practices. With in-house 3D printing services, we offer fast and efficient prototyping to help iterate and fine-tune your designs before production. From there, we feature full machining and manufacturing capabilities, including the ability to manufacture your tooling in-house. Completing the process of taking your concept from idea into the hands of customers, we also facilitate secondary and fulfillment services, including product finishing, assembly, inventory management and delivery.

Replacement Part Development

Replacement parts for older machinery or obsolete items are often discontinued, cost-prohibitive or otherwise difficult to acquire. At 3 Space, we are able to design and reproduce replacement parts that are identical to the original, using our 3D scanning, engineering, prototyping and production services.

With our 3D scanning and reverse engineering services, we can capture the geometry of the original part and produce a CAD model usable for prototyping and production. In-house 3D printing services allow us to quickly and easily create prototypes and test parts, ensuring the proper fit and functionality. Our range of 3D printing capabilities allows for broad flexibility in materials, enabling us to better emulate the physical properties of the finished part during testing. And with expertise in end-product production, we can help you choose the manufacturing process that will best suit your needs. Whether a one-off replacement or a production run of thousands of parts, our manufacturing services are ready to complete the process and get your replacements to you.

Aftermarket Part Development

In developing an aftermarket part or accessory, tolerance, accuracy and proper fit are of the utmost importance. Using 3D scanning to create a digital model of the original part is the best way to ensure you achieve the accuracy you need. With a scanned 3D model, our engineers can use the exact geometry of the original part as the basis of your design, ensuring the correct fit. Fast prototypes using 3D printing are another way to test that your aftermarket part has exactly the dimensions it needs, and our production services are available to facilitate your manufacturing run in any quantity needed. With production complete, we offer fulfillment capabilities to assemble and package your product, and get it into the hands of your customers.

Quality Control

3D scanning is one of the most efficient and accurate ways to carry out the critical process of quality control for your product. With 3D scanning, you can easily compare production parts against the original CAD, effectively checking for shrinkage, warping and other manufacturing defects. With color maps showing a complete overview of any deviation from the original design and the finished product, our engineers and manufacturing experts can work with you to identify the cause of any defects.